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Excellent UI/UX design course

September 9, 2012 Leave a comment

Finished an excellent course called “Creating User Experiences: Fundamental Design Principles” by Billy Hollis. Some great quotes:

“We are moving from “making things possible” to “making things easier”.  People or businesses that don’t follow, risk becoming irrelevant because others will step up and do better because of increased user expectance.”

And another one:

Billy Hollis First Law of Programming: Users Outnumber Developers.

“We (developers) spend an awful lot of time on worrying on things that makes life easier for ourselves or the development process. Things like unit testing, version control and continues integration. That’s fine, because those things add value. But we should spend even more time on making things easier for our users, because users outnumber developers.”

The course centers around ‘UI Design Principles’ that stem from basic human psychology, evolution and the way the human visual system works. These results in things like Gestalt Principles, Fitt’s and Hicks law, and things like ‘Preference for Naturalness’ (i.e. humans have a preference for open spaces, this comes from the Savannah preference).

Great stuff! I recommend the course for every developer that is interested in user interfaces. You can follow it on pluralsight.

#devdate; Next Generation User Interaction

September 4, 2012 Leave a comment

Went to a devdate meeting at the high tech campus in Eindhoven last thursday. Very impressed with the organization & catering (cheers TASS!), and the enthusiastic hosting by Ben van der Burg. Several interesting presentations. For me the highlight was the presentation of dr. Wijnand IJsselsteijn about opportunities for interactive user interfacing.