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User Interface Design 2015 seminar

User Interface Design Seminar 2015

User Interface Design Seminar 2015, April 1st 2015, Den Bosch

Last Wednesday I  went to the User Interface Design 2015 seminar in Den Bosch, The Netherlands. A whole day of lectures (I followed 9!) about user interface design and the importance of UX. Most lectures were quite interesting though promotion of companies and services was certainly an aspect of the presentations as well.

A common theme in a lot of presentations was “lessons learned’, mostly on the importance of embedding user interface design and UX in the entire process of creating a product. Guido Stompff, a Communications Manager and Product Designer from Océ Technologies showed the results of a very thorough study for his PhD thesis. It convincingly answered the question “What do designers contribute to teams and organizations?”. The answer might surprise you: a whole lot more then design! His study (more here: http://designinteams.com/thesis-facilitating-team-cognition-how-designers-mirror-what-teams-do/) showed that a fundamental problem in multidisciplinary teams is the inability of people from the different disciplines to be able to communicate with each other. They just don’t speak each others language and you can’t document your way out (which many companies attempt). Why does this not always end up in disaster? In successful multidisciplinary projects, the (UX) designers were a key factor because they speak a common language! Great presentation. Makes you fear for companies running those kind of projects without designers though 😉

Two more presentations I liked very much: Leonne Kaldenbach and Anita Wierda from Nspyre showed the effects of the gap between industrial and consumer user experience and how to close it and Michel Varkevisser from Thales showed their experience in combining Agile (Scrum) and User Centered Design processes.

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