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Onno Willems

Onno Willems

Hi, my name is Onno Willems, senior technical specialist. I have worked as a software developer/designer/technical specialist/team leader for 19 years, most of the time for ICT Embedded / HUMIQ, a software development company that hires me out to clients.

I worked in different domains (industrial, service providers, public domain, healthcare), different environments (functional and Object Oriented, Unix and Windows, real-time and desktop) and different roles (as a software engineer, designer, hands-on foreman). But I always tried to sneak myself into the part of the projects were I could do some user interfaces work (and I mostly succeeded in that!). I worked for industry leading clients like ASML, Philips Healthcare, Océ, Vanderlande Industries and a number of smaller clients. So chances are that I contributed a (tiny) bit to the machine that made your computer chips, to the cardio vascular X-ray system in your local hospital, to the copier in your office, to the systems that sorted the parcel you ordered and the baggage handling system at your airport. Which is kinda scary if you know my programming skills… *grin*

I am quite pragmatic, logical and results focused, but am also very precise. And I like pretty things, so those are also the key values I tend to bring to UI development: make it logical, efficient, pay a lot of attention to detail and put some effort in making it all look good. I really dislike products that lack any of these features and like the products that are developed to these values. So you can say I am a the ideal target for Apple gear (ooh, nice shiny and flashy stuff!) but all my computers and laptops have been Windows so far. I finally got my 1st Apple product recently (an iPhone) which I like a lot so I am catching up.

The last 5 years I have been working in .NET (VB.NET & C#), before that I worked in Java and even longer ago I programmed in C and C++ and Pascal too. I did some web stuff in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, XSLT and PHP too. Never been a big database guy, but of course I worked a bit with database technology and SQL too. On the process and modeling side, I used Hatley & Pirbhai, UML, RUP, the V model and Agile methods.