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Web applications are evil

As the web gets more mature and web technologies more advanced, more and more applications are ported from dedicated desktop applications to web applications. Those of us who work in (large) corporate environments have to deal with many web apps, for example to register worked hours, fill in planning estimates, do document archiving, lookup people in an internal phone book, etc.

Now, I do recognize that there are many scenarios where the advantages of web applications are too big to be ignored, but in a lot of cases they are not. At least not from a user centric viewpoint. And shouldn’t all applications be developed with the end-user in mind first?

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Blogspot vs WordPress

June 22, 2010 4 comments

First! Err… well, this is my genuine first post so forgive the corny opening. If you have read the “About this blog” page, you may have seen that these are my first steps into the blogging space. So, what better subject for a first article than the usability of blogging sites? First off, I decided that self hosted blogging or setting up my own website is not what I am looking for at this moment (I do not have the time), perhaps later. Secondly, I looked at the sites that offer a free blogging environment and after some experiments decided to go with either (i.e. Google’s Blogger platform) or with (featuring the WordPress platform). There are already enough Blogger vs WordPress articles to be found (comparing features), but here is my take:

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